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The Myth of Birds series

There are many curious myths surrounding the origins and activities of birds, which have been the inspiration for this series of prints.

In European folklore Blackbirds were originally thought to have been born white and later became black by nesting in chimneys.

Oddly, the Thrush was believed to have been born deaf, exchanging its legs at the age of 9 years old.

The Pigeon was considered to be a harbinger of death, particularly when seen on rooftops.

The Sparrow was considered a rural pest by eating corn on farmland; it was commonly believed that the Sparrow could be warded off by placing a bone from a grave in the doorway of farmhouses.

The Yellowhammer colluded with snakes by offering the serpent its eggs and Swallows did not migrate in winter, but hibernated together at the bottom of the sea to form stones.

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