Jaki Darlington and Caroline Hewitt’s work is underpinned by a mutual love of the animal world. They specialise in distinctive hand-built ceramics, producing character driven animal sculpture and British birds. Their current series of prints explore the myth of birds and the English language.

Through an experimentation with printmaking processes onto the surface of clay they have developed a range of illustrative ceramic tiles decorated with oxides, underglazes and lustres. Tiles can be bought as one-off gifts or can be made bespoke for bathrooms, kitchens or fireplace surrounds.
As a partnership Caroline & Jaki strive to extend their portfolio of work and enjoy the challenges of working to commission. 

Having both worked in Further and Higher Education for twenty years, Jaki and Caroline pooled their experience and set up the partnership in 2016. Known locally [and fondly] as 'Tile Lady' and 'Elephant Woman', they currently live and work as artists in Glossop, Derbyshire with their two cats Peter and Lillemiss [and the interloper Louie].

Pentimento  noun  > a visible trace of an earlier painting beneath a layer or layers of paint on a canvas

The New Oxford English Dictionary

Archie died very suddenly on 27th July 2018, just as we were completing the relaunch of our website. This page was already completed and so it was too painful to remove him from it altogether.  Many an evening was spent with Archie sitting patiently beside me as I edited photographs, so it is fitting that he should continue to be a part of it.  He'd eventually tell me when it was time to stop to go and sit with him in the living room.

He wasn't your average cat, he was very special, very big in body and spirit. He moved around the house with me throughout the day and so I spent an enormous amount of time with him in his 10 years of life, usually with him draped around my neck or curled up on my knee.  He loved breakfast time, dinner time and sleeping. He washed tirelessly to stay as white as he did and he enjoyed a good brush. He shared the sofa with us every evening, stealing Jaki's seat whenever she got up to do something; it was a little game he played with her every night.  Master of the head rub, he was a gentle, generous soul who filled our lives with nothing but love.