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BIRDS are created as near to scale as possible and they slot onto a wooden plinth. A choice of wood is available, depending on what we have in stock at the time of purchase. All wood is sealed with beeswax. Blackbirds are fired to earthenware with a velvet underglaze to create a matt black finish, or fired to stoneware with an oxide to achieve a self glazing, black satin finish.  Wrens and Bullfinches are fired to stoneware and blue tits are fired to earthenware. 

Birds are all hand built and therefore each piece is original. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same. All work is stamped with PENTIMENTO. These photographs are for reference only. Contact us to enquire about what we have in stock or to commission.

Wren         £55

Blue tit      £70

Blackbird  Prices start at £125 (dependent on size of wooden plinth).

Bullfinch   £90


Puffin_seabird_water bird_british birds_
Bullfinch_bird on wood_british bird_garden bird_ceramic bird
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