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Caroline Hewitt

Caroline Hewit, Pentimento Ceamics and Print

Photograph by Alan G. Rhodes

In the Autumn of 1993, my dad found an abandoned bird's nest in his garden.  I took it with on my return to college in January 1994 and  produced a large series of drawings of it, which became the basis of my final year's work.  This marked the beginning of what would become a longstanding obsession with British birds.

Originally trained in Printed Textile Design at Heriot-Watt University, drawing and the application of image, pattern or motif to a surface has always been fundamental to my work. Twenty years on, I  work almost exclusively by drawing, printmaking and in ceramics, with clay sometimes fulfilling the same role as paper or fabric. 


The versatility of clay enables me to work from and develop my drawings very directly. I enjoy the properties of clay and its potential to be embossed and embellished and I use basic printmaking processes to image make on the surface of the tiles. 

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